At Historic Kaupulehu – Hualalai Resort, time almost stands still. “Hualalai” is considered the middle child of the five Big Island mountains. Not the newest and not the oldest, but yet powerful in it’s ascending slopes towards the shoreline. It’s beauty and presence sweeps down from 8,271 feet in height and offers much to see with it’s cones, craters, and dryland forests. Wisdom and great meaning continue to flow and spread throughout Hawaiian culture and history. It is only fitting for us to realize that our time here on earth is borrowed and this resort reminds us of that. For those who have had the pleasure of traveling the world over, many of them know that there is something secretly tasteful and special about Hualalai Resort. For those lucky enough to afford it, a purchase within this gated community becomes even that much more attractive.

With spectacular ocean views, fine dining, and amenities to rival all others, this is the getaway for the ultra wealthy. At Hualalai Resort you will find real estate from villas, custom single family homes, and even vacant land being offered. “E Ola” means, “May There Be Life.” A simple way of putting it yet there is much truth behind the meaning. There are also other prominent places nearby such as Kukio Bay, Kiholo Bay, and Kona Village Resort. These certainly help with providing the adventurous few to continue to explore the surroundings. The resort’s design has been well thought out and is managed with only the best ideas and services in mind. For example, when staying in the Fours Seasons Hotel it is not uncommon for guest services to call you by name. This added touch is just one simple compliment that can make someones day feel even better. Some may consider it hyperbole when they hear their friends describe their experience. Truth be told, there is a reason Hualalai Resort has been rated as one of the top destinations in the world by Conde Nast Traveler. Owners are offered several high class private options for dining and membership privileges. With a relaxing oasis dispersed throughout the resort’s grounds, you can spend time snorkeling with manta rays, surfing in the ocean, or enjoying a round of golf on one of the best maintained courses in the U.S. Guests also have access to resort style swimming pools and unwinding for an evening in hot tubs adjacent to the swimming areas. If a game of tennis is something you desire there are several tennis pros on staff ready to provide private, semi, and group lessons.

Life at Hualalai whether living or visiting comes with an assurance that may not be offered at other luxurious destinations in the world. This stand alone vision is what makes the real estate here so highly desirable. Resale villas currently offered start in the $1.4 Million+ range, while actively listed homes are also being offered in the $4 Million+ plus range. Two of the finest listings currently available on the market in the MLS are presently listed for $11,495,000 and $12,500,000.


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Contributed by Paul Adams, Broker in Charge – Luxury Big Island.