Enter the competitive world of real estate and you probably think of pushy salespeople trying to stretch buyer credit in the quickest way possible. Add complex mortgages, naïve homebuyers, and housing market fluctuations, and it becomes a world that few would want to spend much time in. Is it a buyers’ market or a sellers’ market? Your broker will tell you that it depends on which one you are doing.

Then there’s luxury home sales. It’s the VIP room of real estate. With fewer choices and prices that most people won’t make in a lifetime, the world of real estate takes a special kind of broker.

Harold Clarke knows this business well. Hawaii Business ranked Clarke in Hawaii’s top 100 realtors list in 2015. This is not the first time Harold was ranked in the top 100 realtors either. He has been ranked as on one of the top realtors by Hawaii Business every year, since 2008.

But the world of luxury home sales is a truly different place. More money to spend translates to higher expectations. In luxury real estate, Harold sees opportunity through developing a personal relationship with every client. It’s important not to confuse the word “relationship” with the corporate spin trained into your average waiter at a chain restaurant. In the world of luxury real estate the word still carries weight.

An agent trying to oversell a property’s value or underselling a client, risks losing repeat business and referral of some of the most prominent investors in the state. Harold recognized this early and jumped into the business knowing how his relationship with his clients built his reputation; with many of his clients coming back or new clients giving a nod to his previous clients.

There’s no room for cookie cutter representation in the luxury real estate world and Harold has made customized service his raison d’être. With Harold’s first top 100 ranking just two years after he received his license, it’s clear that it takes more than a license to bring personal, customized, and often sensitive and private approach to the market.

The luxury arena is filled with wealthy clients from the U.S., but it also takes a large number of international clients, which has been a sustained pattern for years. Harold has a strong advantage to distance himself from the competition. Fluent in English, Spanish, and French, while also having lived in France, Spain, Latin America, and England, and in mainland U.S., Harold has an understanding of the cultural nuances as well as an eye for architectural and interior perspectives that his clients desire.

It’s not just a matter of representing his clients, but this is where the client relationship can create a connection between what his clients need and what is available in a limited market. The luxury market on Hawaii’s Big Island may be stronger than most areas of the country; whether they meet the client’s expectations is the biggest challenge. Harold has been able to find the balance to place himself in the top rankings for the past eight years.

Harold sets high expectations for what he can deliver and that’s why his clients keep coming back. The luxury market of Hawaii’s Big Island real estate mounts a challenge like few other markets, and Harold responds with his personal touch to give his clients what they need.