A very long time ago…

There once was a hidden secret where ancient Hawaii was much simpler than it is today. Villages and communities all knew it’s residents by name. No HOA fees, No gates, and really not all that much to be worried about when it came to building codes and deed restrictions for a simpler way of putting it. One of these sparse and unfamiliar places was – Puako. An old ancient fishing village where settlers where able to provide and thrive in unison. In 1823 William Ellis wrote about Puako not knowing that his documentation would go down in history as being the first.

Located on the Big Island’s northwest coastal waters, Puako had also once been a place for salt production. The Puako reefs are also unique in that flat whereabouts allow for some of the finest sea life and reef fish anywhere in the world to thrive in their environment. Residents who are fortunate enough to call Puako home can probably tell you more about this special place than most other Big Island occupants or visitors in other communities. This neighborhood is also known for having a uniquely hidden gem of condominiums on the Mauka side of the Puako Beach Drive – Puako Beach Condominiums. With the Puako General Store located next door it really is a beautiful place to reside. Some of the properties are so well respected and prized that they have been kept within the hands of families for many decades and generations.

Prices currently start in the less than $1 million range on the non-waterfront side of the the main road. On the oceanfront side, it is a completely different story. Don’t let the quaint old Hawaiian post and pier homes fool you. Even though it looks like some could be afforded by everyone, that is not the case. Oceanfront Puako estates are now commanding in the low to mid $3 million price range and headed up to as high as $7 to $20 Million for the dream home of a lifetime. They say that “it’s the water that draws all of us” and that is certainly more than true. With a very convenient boat ramp along it’s shores Puako can really be a self sufficient playground for most. No resort rules needed at Pauko, just bring your slippers and a cocktail/glass of wine in hand. This hidden little Hawaii luxury real estate secret is sure to appeal to those who have yet to be truly intrigued.

Luxury Big Island has been representing buyers and sellers of Puako for well over a decade. We specialize in some of the finest and rare properties on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island. Puako is just one of those places that will forever hold a place in our hearts.

We wanted to share our excitement with you.