In the age of constant connectivity, there’s a stronger case than ever for you to rage against the machines: pack your bags, leave for tropical paradise, and get blissfully disconnected while on vacation.

Being plugged 24/7 has changed not just human socialization, but also the professional life. Smartphones have spawned a whole new breed of workaholics, as Greatist noted. It’s no longer a picture of a busy executive drowning in paperwork in his office at midnight, but of a young CEO sending emails while brunching or even on a scuba diving trip. Less and less business occurs in cubicles and meeting rooms, while more and more work gets done online.

The Importance of Switching Off

Thus, the much needed and promoted concept of “unplugging,” or ditching technology for a specific period of time. It has gained popularity among tech workers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who are often expected to champion work and productivity at nearly all costs.

One of the countless studies urging people to “switch off” when on holiday focused on the things that happen to your brain when in an unplugged, meditative state. Anxiety levels, for instance, tend to go down as there’s a weakening of the connection between your body’s sensation and fear centers and the area of the brain involved in processing information.

A meditative state during vacations, too, help form a stronger link between your sensory centers and the section of the brain’s prefrontal cortex that lets you obtain a “more rational, logical, and balanced perspective,” explained Hawaii-based psychiatrist Rebecca Gladding.

Letting the brain wander will also translate to rewards such as better ideas, improved problem-solving abilities, and, potentially, crucial breakthroughs in private life and in business.


While You Unplug, Paradise Has THIS to Offer…

The constant bombardment of news and images on TV, newspapers, and the internet, according to Luxury Big Island, is what the steady stream of visitors to Hawaii’s Big Island seeks to avoid.

“Having no access to the internet is a real luxury these days, because who can afford not being connected? That is a real vacation,” said Luxury Big Island over a conversation with renowned architect Branko Pahor at the Peninsula Hong Kong.

In mild-weathered Big Island where one can find some of the most exceptional real estate in the world, the two experts highlight the presence of high-speed internet and handy access to technology and information, but only if you choose to.

“In Hawaii, there’s no one bombarding you [with news]. It’s on your own terms, on your conditions,” Mr. Pahor emphasized.

A thriving community of primary homes and seasonal residences, paired with income-producing rental properties, the Big Island continues to draw in both tourists and new residents years after year.

Its more than 200,000 full-time residents and around 22,000 daily average visitors enjoy not just the beauty and calm of ocean, mountain, and sunset views, but also unnumbered opportunities for recreation such as high-end shopping, spa and fitness, golf at championship courses, water sports, and hiking and biking trails.

In this part of the world, phone calls, texts, emails, and multiple social media notifications stop being the everyday tyrants that they are – unless you decide to post beach photos in their naked glory on your Facebook page.