Unless you have lived here all your life, you can relate to bad weather and all that is actually associated with it. The Big Island of Hawaii offers some of finest average temperatures available anywhere in the world. There is a saying here in the islands that goes something along the lines of this; sunny, blue skies, and in the low 80’s just about every day of the year.


The Beaches of the Kohala Coast are at the highest lever anywhere on the planet.
They are not congested like other parts of the country and offer some of the best possible swimming and sand anyone could find. Just a few mentionable locations include, Hapuna Beach, Mauna Kea Beach, Makalawena, Kua Bay, and Kukio Beach. Their locations provide privacy and seclusion. If you go early in the morning it will feel like your very own private getaway.


It is getting harder and harder to find a tropical place that has all of the infrastructure in place needed to feel safe and yet comfortable. The Big Island has all of that. That being said, you are still able to find an abundance of land where your privacy is a priority and you are able to breath. There are many wonderful luxury neighborhoods here where you can reside on 1 acre or more and enjoy all of the fine amenities being offered.


If you analyze the different architectural styles (all of which are unique and have their place), you will not find anything like that of Hawaii and the tropics. The use of rare and exotic woods for starters is like no other. Quality cabinets and durable flooring are just two examples that luxury owners have come to expect. Hawaii’s stone wall work will amaze just about anyone showing interest. Looking at photos online will get any potential buyer excited but actually being here and seeing this fine craftsmanship in the works is something else.


There is something to be said for the difference between a garden view and an ocean view. We have all been there when booking a stay at a luxury hotel. The same goes for the surreal views that can be achieved living on the Big Island. The Kohala Coast offers impeccable crystal clear aqua blue waters. Because of the gradual slope in elevation on the Big Island, you are able to decide for yourself what type of view you are looking for. Direct oceanfront, beachfront, or even sweeping coastline views are all readily available. Finally, we have all heard and probably said it at one point or another, what’s in a view? The answer to that is: everything.

Contributed by Paul Adams, Broker in Charge – Luxury Big Island.