Could this new luxury listing possibly be the best value for the money in all of Hawaii in 2019. We think so and here is why.

An Immeasurable amount of time, money, and energy has been spent on this property and it is now being offered for sale. Hopefully the new buyer who acquires it will have the same level of appreciation as those involved in building it. These are the types of rare and unique luxury real estate offerings that seldom come to market. They are far and few in between. In our opinion (and simply put), this Mauna Kea luxury home is the best value for the money in the entire state of Hawaii. Real estate in the islands continues to demand new record prices and the best showcase of homes ever imaginable. This again is one of those superb and intimate properties.

The recently completed custom construction shows what happens when many great minds come together. We are ready to assist you with previewing this fine location and all that it has to offer. Our Luxury Big Island brand has attracted some of the most interesting buyers and private clientele the world has ever seen. This listing is just another fine example of the type of real estate and luxury that can be made possible when working with us and our team of experience brokers. The best designers, architects, and contractors in Hawaii have been assembled to make it happen. Here at Mauna Kea’s newest location this listing is over the top and is in direct line with the best homes the world has to offer.

Take our advice and take advantage of our years of experience that our team offers. We have access to the best real estate available on the Big Island of Hawaii and it’s exotic Kohala Coast. The special connections we have made can take years to nurture and put together.

We invite you to take the time to reach out to us so that we can create a private relationship. We will assist you in finding your perfect Hawaii luxury experience. This stunning home is just another one of those properties we seek to find for our buyers.

We are Luxury Big Island.